Abraham Joselow P.C., P.E.
Dunne & Markis Consulting Structural Engineers
Space Carpenter

Maison Gerard, a boutique antique store in the East Village, required an updated space at 43 E. 10th St. to better showcase their vintage pieces. The architectural work opened up the space but also preserved existing elements. Their existing store just next door uses a white box concept, and the more muscular and industrial design of the renovated store provides a counter point to this aesthetic and also contrasts with their delicate antique furniture.

A corner of the store is now open, creating a direct connection to storage space below, circumventing a public corridor. A focus on finishes lends a raw elegance to the store, providing an appropriate backdrop for the main actors: the furniture. The floor was taken out and replaced by reclaimed wood, the storefront windows were replaced, and metal shelving was put in to display the pieces simply. The cast iron columns with subtle detailing were finished, and the exposed masonry was maintained. By focusing on the existing elements’ raw and aged beauty, and fitting the space architecturally for easier use, Maison Gerard received an updated space that places the emphasis on their gorgeous furniture.

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