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St. Lucy’s Housing in East Harlem underwent renovations throughout. The two facing buildings on 103rd and 104th St. provide 100 units of affordable housing to families and seniors. Renovations include work on the corridors, cellars, community spaces, as well as upgrades to the elevators, heating, and roofing systems. A significant intervention is the creation of a series of ramps and sloped ground planes that unify the two buildings. The path was an opportunity to reactivate the courtyard, under-utilized for many years, while outfitting St. Lucy’s for comprehensive ADA-accessibility. The concept was to create the illusion of a ramp organically arising from the street sidewalks using materials similar in tone, texture, and color. Although the path in the courtyard is primarily comprised of concrete, wood benches arise from the ramp, carrying over the aesthetic from the lobby. The path triggers use of the rear yard as a space for the tenants to promenade, relax, and play.

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