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ECHO Apartments, a supportive housing facility for the elderly in Morningside Heights, recently completed renovation work. The 99 apartments enjoyed renovations as necessary, such as in the kitchens, bathrooms, new windows and new through-wall AC units.  ECHO received building-envelope sealing to increase energy savings over time through funding from the NYSERDA Weatherization Program. A cool roof replaced the existing roof and green roofs were installed in the two additions. These features will reduce storm-water runoff and heat-gain.

A cantilevered steel and glass canopy clearly directs visitors to the building while offering a protective bridge between the lowered rear yard and entry vestibule. The vestibule, enlarged by the addition, is welcoming with abundant storefront windows and wood accents. The security desk is comprised of intersecting rectangular Plyboo prisms.

The majority of the renovation was located in the cellar, which was gutted and reconfigured to provide more space for the residents and supporting staff. Residents can enjoy a renovated and enlarged laundry room, tenant lounge, and domino room. Green tiles bleed off accent walls, emphasizing the connection between the cellar entry and community room. New openings bring light into a once-dark space and enlarge the domino room.

Outside, the blue-grey hardiboard panels clad the recreation room, emphasizing the addition and contrasting with the original building’s brick and yellow accents. The rear yard was revitalized with new landscaping.

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