The Bridge
NYS Office of Mental Health
Abraham Joselow P.C., P.E.
Energy Consultant:
Bright Power
Abel, Bainnson, Butz
General Contractor:
DP Group
Supportive Housing
Subsidized Housing
Market-Rate Housing

This new 8-story, 51,925-square-foot building is a blend of affordable and supportive housing, offering a mix of studios, 1-, and 2-bedroom units. As of October 2018, it is fully occupied.

As a result of a recent rezoning in the area, the structure is the tallest on the block. Careful attention was given to the materials of the surroundings to provide a building that is congruous with residences in the neighborhood. The facade uses brick patterns to reference the typical materials of the area and to articulate the mass of the building. The main building entry off of East New York Avenue is recessed through a private court.

Sustainability played a significant role in the design. A full array of solar panels on a steel pavilion are installed on the 8th floor, and ESKW/A coordinated with the client and energy consultant Bright Power to develop a sustainable building model that is a basis for future building enhancements.

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