Two Bridges Seniors Housing Development Fund Co. / Two Bridges Neighborhood Council
Rosenwasser / Grossman Consulting Engineers
P.A. Collins P.E.
T. Ligamari
Supportive Housing
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Market-Rate Housing

The renovation of this 10-story senior’s apartment building included expansion of existing 1st Floor programs and renovation of existing tenant apartments, to replace existing kitchens, windows and roofing.

The new extended activity area allows for diverse programming possibilities. It can accommodate large gatherings or be subdivided for different group uses.  The new conference room, with direct access to the garden, offers yet another programming option.  A new arts & crafts room, kitchen, office and storage areas support increased activity at the 1st Floor.

The original building, completed in 1987 by the Edelman Partnership, lends itself to expansion.  The structure is concrete plank and poured concrete bearing walls with brick in-fill.  Removal of the infill opens up clear spans up to 20 feet between the bearing walls, and allows for full-width extrusion of existing spaces.

New skylights accentuate the line along which the new steel frame structure meets the existing.  Exterior facades of the extension are glass curtain wall, balanced by spandrels of colored cement panel cladding.

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