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Two existing buildings in Harlem, previously under-utilized as temporary housing for the homeless, were enlarged and converted to permanent subsidized housing. Through a series of lot separations and mergers, we were able to increase the maximum buildable area above the current Zoning and create 53 apartments.

The new middle infill portion extends the existing westerly building to provide an efficient vertical circulation core and additional apartments.  The building is cut back from the street to provide covered ADA access, a generous entry stoop, and safe visual connection to the lobby.  At the top floor, the building recedes, creating a communal terrace with a green screen wall of plants.  The linkage between the new and older parts of the buildings is visually reinforced by matching the existing brick, masonry opening detailing, and alignment of window openings.

The masonry cavity is insulated to increase energy efficiency. The building is heated and cooled through small heat pumps located in each habitable space.  The heat is dissipated through a central cooling tower, thus eliminating the need for large through-masonry openings and minimizing infiltration.

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