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Built in the mid-1800’s, this Greenwich Village townhouse has found new life with this renovation.  After its last incarnation as a restaurant, the townhouse has been returned to a one family home with artist studio space on the upper level, Bedroom, Parlor and Sunroom at the 1st Floor, Kitchen and Living Room in the Basement.

The design seeks a delicate balance between the “old” and the “new”.  To create new clerestory windows at the upper level, existing roof tie-beams were reinforced and rafters added onto.  New metal roofing was chosen for its superior life-time and to contrast with the partly reconstructed and re-pointed brick façade.

Interior structure was modified to open up the entire floor space in the Basement, and at the 1st Floor to create an alcove off of the Parlor space.  Where the original fireplace in the Basement was removed by previous occupants, a new modernist fireplace was constructed.  At the 1st Floor Parlor, the original fireplace was restored and rebuilt to meet Code requirements.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were modernized for efficiency.  Finish selection was a joint effort between Architect and Client resulting in an interesting dynamic between old and new materials.

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