Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, Concern for Independent Living, and CSD Housing LLC
MLA Engineering
OLA Consulting Engineers
Association for Energy Affordability
Gallagher Basset Technical Services
Carlin-Simpson & Associates
Jim Conti Lighting Design
Robert A. Hansen Associates
General Contractor:
Mountco Construction and Development

This project is being jointly developed by Saint Joseph’s Medical Center, Concern for Independent Living, and CSD Housing LLC. Advancing the mission to provide affordable and supportive housing to those who need it most, the developers are building 80 units of new construction at the edge of downtown Yonkers, N.Y.

The new building integrates with the formerly industrial context and follows traditional massing while adapting to the dynamic site. The base and middle band help integrate the building into the hillside while providing a transition from the less regular service and amenity floors to the housing floors above. Five stories of apartments are broken into five large masses to honor the scale and rhythm of the buildings of the neighborhood.

Since the building is designed into a hillside, the lobby bridges from the street level to rear terraces one story up, creating a natural east-west cut of glazing through the building so that the lobby always receives daylight. Partitions at either side of the lobby are pierced to connect with adjacent common areas.

The ground-floor lobby is the heart of the common areas, promoting visibility from the street into the meeting room, which will be available to community groups. A generous corrugated-metal awning provides shelter on the sidewalk while maintaining the aesthetic of the warehouses and steel shops that were originally on the street. The interior of the building is inspired by the headquarters of a turn-of-the-century manufacturing company, with simple but rich finishes that blend with residents’ own furnishings. White and pale grays are accented with black hardware, window and door frames, and counters to create a bold but welcoming atmosphere.

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