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ESKW/A is working closely with Asian Americans For Equality and the Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation (OCBDC)to design a new community and retail center in the Rockaways. The center promises to be a hub for community gathering while providing services and shopping that the neighborhood is missing.  Each of the intended tenants will fill a community need, including a grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store and OCBDC’s offices.

Located in a flood zone, the neighborhood was severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  The development includes indoor and outdoor social spaces to host craft fairs, performances, film screenings, and meetings.  In the event of another Sandy-like event, the main spaces are designed to stay open – dry and powered by a generator – to serve as a piece of resiliency infrastructure.

Ocean Bay Retail is designed to both conserve and generate energy.  The building’s engineered wood structure uses a renewable resource and is less thermally conductive than conventional steel systems.  Opaque walls use non-conductive fiberglass framing systems to eliminate thermal losses. The client is planning a large array of solar panels on the roof for on-site power generation.

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