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Located in the East Village, 535 E. 11th St. is a 46-unit residential building that will provide much needed affordable housing for formerly homeless and mentally disabled members of the East Village community. Subsidized by HPD’s Supportive Housing Loan Program, the eight-story building features studio apartments that will allow the residents to learn to live independently in a nurturing environment. Administrative offices for the local community service organization, Community Access, and a multi-purpose room with a warming pantry occupy the first floor.

The large landscaped rear yard and seventh floor roof terrace will provide areas for tenant relaxation and recreation.  In a response to the needs of the community, a connection between E. 11th Street and Joseph Sauer Park, located on E. 12th Street and abutting the rear yard, has been incorporated into the design.  During the day, the public can access the park from 11th Street via a passageway running along the east side of the building.  Additionally, a public toilet has been located at the rear of the first floor and can be accessed by both the building residents and community members visiting the adjacent park.

As part of the Enterprise Green Communities program, the project incorporates many green features including a unitized ventilation system for exhausting individual apartments, a green roof at the second floor, permeable paving, high efficiency windows, masonry cavity walls with increased insulation, and a green-screen living wall at the seventh floor terrace.

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