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Known as the “best-kept secret in Carroll Gardens,” the Samuel Mills Sprole School (PS32K) is undergoing its first large-scale renovation and addition. The 1950s-era brick H-shaped building is being expanded to accommodate a growing population and replace outdated temporary classroom units (TCU). The project allows the full school population to occupy one building. The new addition extends the central corridor spine and allows each wing of the building to cluster grades and special classrooms. Relocating the main entrance to Union Street connects the school administration and new cafeteria with direct access to the large playground where drop-offs and pick-ups take place.

The three-story, 54,000-square-foot addition includes a new student dining room with a full cooking kitchen, a new library, and administration suite at the lowest level, and pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms on the two upper floors. New corridors terminate in glass block walls and provide bright, pleasant common spaces. The exterior brick was selected to match the existing building to increase continuity, with window and brick detailing selected to be referential yet modern. A new through-block playground with farming area as well as a rooftop play area provide recreation for the school and community. The new facility complies with the NYC School Construction Authority Green Schools Guide standards.

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