New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)
Dunne and Markis Consulting
P.A. Collins P.E.
Signe Nielsen, P.C.

This expansion and renovation was to invigorate the Community Center of a late 1940’s New York City Housing Authority Development. The extension was cantilevered to take advantage of the dramatic wooded sloping site and to create a strong visual presence for the Center.  As the project both wraps around the existing building while extending beyond its bounds, we clad the new Center in aluminum and glass curtain wall.  Formally, the Multi-Purpose Room is set up as an inviting destination from the outside as well as from the inside of the building.

Each interior room is afforded generous views of the landscape.  Natural finishes (slate flooring, endgrain wood flooring, wood doors, clear anodized aluminum) were selected for their resilience and ability to retain their beauty through age and wear.

Exterior spaces were designed to permit the programs to expand into the exterior “rooms”.  These spaces are designed to permit users within the Center to visually survey the exterior spaces providing additional security.

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