Bronx Community Charter School
Owner's Representative:
LOM Properties
Abraham Joselow P.C., P.E.
Jackson Development Group
Base Building Architect:
ASAP Architecture and Planning
Joy Construction Corporation
Peter Kubilus

As a growing learning center, the Bronx Community Charter School (BxC) expanded into a new 30,000-square-foot building on Webster Avenue. BxC opened its doors in September 2012 and accommodates grades K-8. Grade-specific nooks announce the entrance to each grade cluster providing an ancillary learning space for each classroom. Built-in seating in these “front porches” allow small groups to gather. Color plays an important role in the design. The class clusters share an accent color floor which trails out into the corridor, and the shared partition between the two grades is painted the accent color.

The corridor is a much-used space with specialists offices interjecting into corridors and classrooms, creating a scale breakdown of spaces. A spacious, open sky-lit staircase encourages the flow of students between the upper and lower levels. Students can get active in an outdoor rooftop play space with generous views across the Bronx.  Our process of working closely with the school to understand their educational mission has yielded spaces that are dynamic and unexpected.

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