Wildlife Conservation Society
Dunne & Markis Consulting Structural Engineers
P.A. Collins P.E.
FGI Construction

Supporting the largest population of African Wild Dogs in this country, the WCS commissioned this office with the design of the new holding facility and viewing pavilion at the Bronx Zoo.  The Facility is an addition to the Carter Giraffe Building and in-fills a 25 foot slot of space between the building and a 15’ high retaining wall.  Using every inch of space, the new building needed to be invisible to the public.  Skylights and clerestory windows bring light in to the animals.  Using part of the existing building, stalls designed for Okapi and Zebra were adapted to meet the dogs’ needs. When out in their habitat, the dogs can be viewed from a simple timber viewing pavilion.  The front wall of the viewing pavilion retains a sand dig pit which is a favorite pass-time for the dogs.  This allows the visitors to be lower than the dogs leveling human with dog eyes.  This is in keeping with the mission of the WCS wherein visitors do not look down on the animals; rather observe them in their own element.

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