The firm name changed to The Edelman Partnership/Architects in 1979.  In the 1980s, funding by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 202 stimulated housing for seniors across the country.  The Edelman Partnership/Architects helped shape how this funding was employed in New York City and surrounding areas, where they built more than eight large-scale senior housing projects.  In Manhattan, they continued to work in two urban renewal districts, building Phelps House in the Upper West Side and Helen Harris Senior Housing on the Lower East Side.  In the early 2000s we had the opportunity to provide additions and renovations to both of these buildings, underscoring the continuing relationships and commitment to clients that the firm has enjoyed.

A relationship that has spanned decades, our work for St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery has persevered since 1969.  Harold Edelman designed the inventive reconstruction of the graveyard, incorporating the original vaults into a new sculptural topography.  The firm designed a renovation of the sanctuary which was almost complete when it was partially destroyed by fire 1978.  Through the initiative of the Preservation Youth Project, a community work training program, the restoration was completed in 1986.  The stained glass windows of the balcony were replaced with new windows based paintings by Harold Edelman. In the nineties The Edelman Partnership/Architects restored the original Rectory, which houses several neighborhood preservation groups.  Partner Randy Wood now serves on the board of the St. Mark’s Historic Building Council, continuing the firm’s guidance and support of the campus.