Housing has been the cornerstone of the practice, and the maintenance of long term relationships has been common thread through our history.  We began our long and fruitful relationship with the Settlement Housing Fund and Two Bridges Neighborhood Council in the early 1970’s, when we first came together to build the Two Bridges Hester Allen Houses, a 14 story New York City Housing Authority apartment building.  This was the first of seven large scale housing projects that the team completed together between the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges, culminating with the Two Bridges Tower in 1998.  Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects continues to work with Settlement Housing Fund, most recently on the New Settlement Community Campus in the Bronx.

Throughout the seventies Edelman and Salzman also worked on public buildings, such as community centers and health clinics.  One of the most significant health clinics was The North East Neighborhood Associate Clinic on East 3rd Street.  Designed to provide both medical and social care facilities to the low income residents of the neighborhood, the clinic was conceived as a center more accessible than existing health care facilities.  Edelman and Salzman also made a significant contribution to the restoration and development of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory campus in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.  The firm provided a master plan and the design for several new buildings, including a conference center, new laboratory and research facilities and a dormitory.

Another milestone project during this period was Claremont Gardens in Ossining, New York, developed by the New York State Urban Development Corporation.  This innovative housing model exemplified economical design:  housing not only efficiently sited, organized and constructed but designed for the comfort of the residents.  Modular wood framed units manufactured by the Starrett Modular Company were assembled into low-rise clusters of duplex and simplex apartments, responding to the site and providing optimal views and accessibility.  This project has been widely exhibited, studied and used as a prototype for affordable multi-family housing.  We have continued our work with modular housing models in the more recent award-winning Prospect Plaza homes and the upcoming Milestone Residences.